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Denise Rathbun 

greenstone studio



  As long as I can remember, making things has always made me happy. Greenstone really came alive for me as I searched for a place that would keep me happy throughout all of the hustle and stress of every day life. Life has always been a “wake up and be thankful” kind of journey for me. People have always told me I was creative, but I never fully believed them and I didn’t think it was anything to rave about.


  I’m a visual learner, so I signed up for many classes and workshops with some awesome teachers to tap into my creativity. I fell in love with fiber, leather, and metal. Put that all together and it became a sanctuary of happiness, flowing through my fingertips and into every piece I would make. But, it didn’t stop there for me. Not only did I personally want to be happy, but I also wanted to share that state of mind with those around me.


  Somewhere along the way of raising my family and enjoying my career, I had realized that I possessed the tools to spread my happiness to others. I’m a good listener (thirty years of being a hairstylist can attest to that). I’m overflowing with patience, thanks to my husband of 38 years, three gorgeous daughters who have tested me every day, and many farm animals who have made my heart full! They have always kept me guessing and on my toes, don’t you think?!


  Greenstone started on a smaller scale simply as my “happy place”, but somewhere deep down I think I always knew it wouldn’t be contained to just that. It has now grown into a place where people can come learn, chat, and be inspired…but most importantly, a place to find and continually possess their own happiness.